University of Wisconsin – Madison / Arts Institute

As a division of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the Arts Institute is a gateway to the arts at the university. As arts practitioners, theorists, historians, and educators within the cultural and creative world, we advance the arts as an invaluable resource that underpins the vital nature of the university and its wider community. We do this by promoting all forms of artistic expression, experience, and interpretation via diversity of intertwined paths through which we engage and understand our world.  

The Arts Institute’s programs and initiatives include the semester-long Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program, the Madison Early Music Festival, the Wisconsin Film Festival (largest campus-managed film festival in the U.S.), The Studio (creative living and learning community), and the Arts on Campus website (links to artistic disciplines and events). We also work with over 130 affiliates across campus to showcase the wealth, diversity, and impact of the arts.