Cultivation and Stewardship Committee

Areas of relevant focus include but are not limited to:

  • providing beneficial pre-Conference seminars on Development issues, for Deans and their fundraising professionals, in alternating years with a Leadership Development Workshop.
  • the changing dynamics in national and global politics and legislation as concerns current fiscal difficulties, particularly as this relates to higher education and the arts
  • the role of Fine Arts Deans in advocating relevant issues and positions to legislative bodies and other constituency groups internal and external to our units and our institutions
  • collaborating with other professional associations and organizations to partner on advocacy initiatives
  • distribution of existing advocacy models and activities to the membership
  • potential creation of ICFAD Position Papers as regards pertinent advocacy stances of the membership

Committee Chair
Rick Davis

Board Liaison
Martin Camacho

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee gathers information and data on current diversity issues, addresses concerns related to setting goals and the development of guiding principles that will enable Fine Arts Deans to create more inclusive environments in their institutions in a way that addresses inequities and systemic racism, and promotes the development and mentoring of higher education administrators (prospective Deans) of diverse backgrounds.

Areas of relevant focus include but are not limited to:

  • Developing Conference programs and panel presentations on the challenges presented by diversity issues, and focusing on programs that have been and could be developed to address them, at the institutional level
  • Gathering information about what institutions are doing to address diversity and serving as a clearinghouse of information and resources for ICFAD members to reference

Committee Chair
Steve Peters

Board Liaison
Chuck O'Connor

Global Connections Committee

The Global Connections Committee (GCC) of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD) is dedicated to the enhancement of a worldwide community of leaders who provide learning and training in the arts. The Committee cultivates and nurtures working relationships between international arts institutions that advance common goals with ICFAD.  In addition, for ICFAD members, the Committee engenders genuine understanding and appreciation of the arts in cultures from around the world.

Committee Chair
Joseph Hopkins

Board Liaison
Royce Smith

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee provides learning experiences on issues related to leadership in the arts within the academy (e.g., strategic planning, working with advisory boards). Our goal is to assist members to develop or enhance their leadership capabilities, identify critical issues facing arts administrators, and provide assistance with the challenges facing university arts faculty and staff. We hope to stimulate those already serving in leadership roles as well as nurture those just starting their leadership journey.

Areas of relevant focus include but are not limited to include design and presentation of a pre-conference Leadership Development Workshop, combining the attributes of two pre-conference workshops formerly known as Mentoring Initiatives for New Deans (providing a toolbox for those who have transitioned into administrative leadership roles as a dean of higher education visual and performing art schools and colleges) and Fellows (promoting a healthy and continuous pipeline of talented arts administrators who are prepared to move into leadership positions in our institutions having been nominated and recognized for their leadership and potential).

Goals of the Leadership Development Workshop include:

  • inspiring enthusiasm for leadership opportunities in the arts in higher education
  • encouraging under-represented groups to pursue options in leadership positions
  • providing a venue and mentors for those who are considering transitioning or have transitioned into administrative roles in arts higher education to learn elements of academic leadership
  • preparing leaders to take full advantage of the ICFAD conference, adding tools to their leadership toolbox

Committee Chair
Peg Faimon

Board Liaison
James Frazier