Membership Committee

Founded on a shared passion and advocacy for the arts and a commitment to excellence in leadership, the International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD) is a multi-national alliance of executive arts administrators representing institutions of higher education. The Membership Committee is tasked with ensuring that benefits of membership are reviewed and enhanced on an on-going basis, to ensure membership satisfaction and retention. The Membership Committee strives to provide an engaging and worthwhile calendar year of membership, focusing on Deans Helping Deans.

The Membership Committee will also work to invite and encourage arts leaders at institutions not currently holding membership to join.

Jean Miller

Dean, College of Fine Arts
Illinois State University
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Martin Camacho
Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts
Midwestern State University
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Paul Cox
Dean, Cuyahoga Community College
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Nancy J Uscher
College of Fine Arts
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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Giraud Polite, Dean

Brookhaven College
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April Massey, Dean

University of the District of Columbia
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