Fellows Program

Every three years, cycling with a Development Workshop and our Mentoring Initiatives for New Deans, The International Council of Fine Arts Deans Career Development Task Force offers a Fellows Program.

The Fellows Program is a professional development program designed to promote a healthy and continuous pipeline of talented arts administrators who are prepared to move into leadership positions in our institutions.

A Fellows Educational Program is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m., as part of the 52nd Annual Conference of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans, in Atlanta's Midtown District. A draft agenda can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to participating in the Fellows Educational Program, Fellows will be assigned a mentor from ICFAD membership with whom they meet throughout the Conference.

Goals of the Program

  • inspire enthusiasm for leadership opportunities in the arts in higher education;
  • encourage under-represented groups to pursue options in leadership positions;
  • provide a venue for those who are considering transitioning or have transitioned into administrative roles in arts higher education to learn elements of academic leadership; and
  • prepare Fellows to take full advantage of the ICFAD conference, adding tools to their leadership toolbox

The Fellows Program targets Associate/Assistant Deans, Chairs, Program Directors and faculty who desire to learn more about the tasks of administration.

Fellows must be supported by their institutional Dean for travel expenses, conference registration fees, and program expenses. Fellows Program expenses are $175 this year, and cover food and materials expenses.

Institutional members of ICFAD nominate candidates to the ICFAD Fellows Program, as an opportunity to identify and develop arts leadership and administrative potential of their faculty. In addition, securing a pipeline of future arts administrators of diverse backgrounds is of special importance to the organization and reflects ICFAD's historical commitment to developing and maintaining diversity.

Nominees are asked to submit a current curriculum vitae and a personal statement regarding professional goals and experiences related to arts administration.

If accepted, ICFAD Fellows are required to attend the Fellows Educational Program and ICFAD's 52nd Annual Conference.

ICFAD Fellows Mentors will:

  • be asked to fill out a brief institutional profile to aid in matching fellows to mentors;
  • review the CV and application of their Fellows prior to the Conference, with a goal of preparing for productive and successful interaction;
  • be asked to attend a briefing prior to the conference, to ensure mutually understood expectations of the Fellows program;
  • meet with Fellows at least twice during the ICFAD Conference. Additional contact beyond these two meetings is encouraged depending on each Fellow's expectations and needs;
  • participate in a breakfast gathering of Fellows, which will allow opportunities to review challenges and / or professional goals;
  • provide guidance and serve as a resource in terms of next steps for professional development and career planning; and
  • maintain contact after the conference if amenable to both the Mentor and Fellow.