Steven J. Peters
Dean, College of Fine Arts
University of Montevallo

Steven J. Peters, Ph.D. is Dean of the College of Fine Arts at University of Montevallo. His leadership at Montevallo has entailed positioning the arts as a driver of campus-wide innovation through fundraising, regional partnerships, as well as creation of new certificate programs, programs in interdisciplinary digital media, and cross-college partnerships. Peters has supervised the completion of two multi-million-dollar facilities in art and communication at UM since 2015, and launched construction on a new “collaboratory” for the arts that opens in 2020. An advocate for the transformative power of the arts in higher education, Peters is the founder of the annual Forte Festival of Creativity, a creative placemaking and revitalization project linking artists and communities in Alabama. He was President of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, and he served on the boards of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans, Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and the Kansas Association for the Arts in Education. Peters led the Wichita Arts Council’s Cultural Funding Committee that awarded grants to the city’s legacy and emerging arts organizations. Originally trained as a director, playwright and designer, Peters is a practicing artist who pursues an active research agenda by focusing on the construct of performance as a frame for examining group creativity and patient-caregiver interactions in healthcare and medical environments. He is co-author of a forthcoming book on creative practice in the 21st century, Leonardo’s Children: Stories on Creativity by Fine Arts Leaders that will Blow your Mind.

Steven J. Peters, Dean
College of Fine Arts 
University of Montevallo
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