Porter Arneill

Born near the confluence of the Baby Boom and Generation X to an architect father and an artist mother, Porter Arneill loves the adventure of navigating all realms of life, art, design and government.

He holds a Master's degree in fine art from the Massachusetts College of Art and has created and exhibited his own work while assisting on a range of art programs and projects in the US, Europe and China. After discovering a knack for administration and an appreciation for a steady paycheck in the 90s, he embarked on a new career trajectory as an "accidental arts administrator"; serving as the Curator of Education at Laumeier Sculpture Park and as the Director of Public Art & Education at the Regional Arts Commission, both in St. Louis.

Porter has been the Director/Public Art Administrator for the Kansas City Municipal Art Commission since 2002. He serves on local and national boards and remains a stalwart advocate for art and culture as benevolent agents of civic vitality.